Billy Harper

We will walk together in Billy Harper-land. There are those who quietly walk in the shadow of celebrity and fashion. None the less bright does their star glow. Indeed it’s ever the brighter for being in the dark.

Get Out film review

It has long been noted that Black people don’t normally feature in horror films. Black people are more often depicted as acting out our tensions through musical expression and comedy before allowing fears to overtake us.

The Anarchy and the Ecstasy

The idea for this show was to do something about Donald. But I was surprised that his ascension hasn’t inspired more musicians to record songs protesting his rise to power. We eventually found cool alternative hip hop artists reporting to duty led by the formidable Chuck D.

Is Black Music in Africa

Going back to Africa is a dream for many Black Americans. The return to the motherland – the original mothership connection. We found loving outreach, clay dusted roads, anonymous mix tapes and heads balancing heavy loads.

Fighting Ali

He WAS The Greatest! He was the fastest. He was invincible. To get in a fight with him would be utter suicide. Not just physically, but spiritually and culturally as well.